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Between the buried and me – Memory Palace [Review]

In the modern era of music, especially progressive metal  Between the buried and me has been doing a fantastic job as of now in which most people or musicians or bands seem to struggle the most while going to the next peak of their career i.e. evolving in terms of music with each and every record.


Coming back to Memory Palace  the very first single released of Coma Ecliptic starts of where the band left last with the last record Parallax and its nicely carried with a lot of variations throughout the song, some notable mentions would be the unique style of using the synths how they play with every sequence or how they shift to a different one. Memory Palace is also going to remind you  a lot of your fav artists down the memorylane ranging from classic rock to progressive rock like Pink Floyd, Opeth, Dream Theater and the orchestral or choir style approach during the “Live in the name of the ghost” section.  Some other experimental approach can be heard too like the short rap  sections in the vocals, though  the Goodbye to Everything influence can be heard quite the most number of times out of all the variations , the groove that is maintained between all this reminds of the nu-metal times or say a little Old School experimental metal approach in it.

The single may remind you a lot of artist the influence can be clearly seen but the best thing is its all being curated under one song brilliantly sequenced and yet you find the signature BTBAM sound and style or originality maintained throughout an almost 10 Minute long song, it totally speaks of their song writing skills which seems to be growing and reaching different levels with each record and the song completely stands up to my expectation and the only thing I can say out of it is that Coma Ecliptic is going to be a massive record and shouldn’t be any short of epicness.

Check out the track here:

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