SepticFlesh releases new Music Video, which will give you ‘Food for Thoughts’

SEPTICFLESH present their second video clip since their formation (the first being “The Eldest Cosmonaut” from “A Fallen Temple” album).


This time the song of choice is “Prometheus” from the latest album “Titan”. The storyline revolves around the theme of transformation and crossing the thin line between predator and prey. It is something that literally brings food for thoughts.
«Provoking, disturbing, resisting, surviving the ordeal» …

Septicflesh – Prometheus (Official Music Video)


Thy Art Is Murder to release album in June which is a follow up to “Hate, free of expectation and public pressure.”

Rock Sound just announced Australian deathcore metal band Thy Art Is Murder is all set to release their 3rd Album ‘Holy War’ in June 29 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album will be a follow up to Hate, free of expectation and public


Holy War will be produced by Will Putney who has previously worked with Suicide Silence and Northlane to name a few big ones.

Guitarist Andy comments “This is our war on racism, homophobia, child abuse, animal cruelty and all evil born of religious immunity, indoctrination, and ignorance.”

Wrestlemania XXXI Review and Future Predictions

Things we learned from Wrestlemania XXXI with some possible future plans from WWE’s perspective:


1. Stephanie McMachon mentioned Shane McMahon as Jr McMahon as no name difference while talking about the attitude era time, this totally fits the whole family bound wrestlemania wwe might be planning for future. Oh also Big Show a good ol associate of Shane  during the attitude era won the Andre the giant memorial battle royal on the same night.

2. Undertakers stats in Wrestlemania turns 22-1 after defeating the eater of the worlds Bray Wyatt. Remember Paul Heyman’s promo over Brock Lesnar breaking the streak ‘The one behind 21-1’ that might statement or refference might need an update while using in future, its always interesting to hear what Paul comes up next with.

3. Rise of sandow, end of mizdow! Where could be the best place to kick start a feud that the crowds been really waiting for. No doubt its Wrestlemania , the grandest stage of em all.

4. There was another feud that got a fair bit of kick off, it none other than Rock vs Triple H . The last time when this too confronted each other face to face was in a smackdown event. This could only set up another legends match in next years wrestlemania , exactly what Triple H vs Sting was in this mania.


5. R.I.P #Axelmania , he’ll be back to rybaxel thingy maybe.

6. Wrestlemania XXXI:

Big show 1 – Roman Reigns 0. Reigns vs Show in future raw main events coming soon, just wait for it!!


7. We saw Pepsi, The Rock , UFC Fighter, Vegeta & Triple H. We are sure everybody gets the picture what or whom we are missing here

8. Daniel Bryan from winning the world heavy weight champion  last year to winning the intercontinental champion this year, while  John Cena the record holding 15time WWE champion coming back to the first gold that he got his hands on when he arrived in WWE. Seems like everyone’s hitting hard on Jump, after Van Halen’s last tour announcement.

9. Triple H vs Sting , NWO and DX face off, Rock vs Triple H brawl some of few thing why this wrestlemania was shades of attitude era.


10. Rollins cashing in and saving in the money or say Reigns vs Lesnar  which we saw  some shades today of what can be a epic intense match in the future . Since the match turned triple threat in the middle of wrestlemania main event.

#RawAfterMania should be much more exciting now!!

Wrestlemania XXXI : Preview, Analysis & Possibilities

As we all know well in pro wrestling the grandest stage of all is WWE’s  flagship annual event WRESTLEMANIA, and the 31st edition of the event is scheduled to happen in 29 March, 2015.


The possible main highlight of the event should be as follows –

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt : In the last edition of wrestlemania we saw something that didn’t happened in the last 2 decades of wrestlemania the streak of Undertaker came to an end, and it was Brock Lesnar who did the unthinkable. This year we have undertaker in a match with Bray Wyatt who has challenged Taker as the new face of fear in WWE it should be an interesting round of bout not just  physically but in the over all presentation of the whole match. Undertaker has been also known for his style of entrance in wrestlemania its almost been a tradition, the interesting point would be how the crowd reacts to it we see lots of lights from the audience’s side because Bray Wyatt has been getting good responses from the audience even after effecting disqualification in a PPV main event Rollins vs Ambrose. Will the crowd show their support to Wyatt with the lights during entrance this time too because Undertaker is easily the most crowd favourite during this match in my opinion.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton : This is Battle of Heels , Orton has been best known as an heel in WWE his career started of as an Legend Killer meanwhile Seth Rollins has been doing a great job as heel who is also Mr.MITB and the self proclaimed future of the company. Both of them are great wrestler their approach are total different which is why this can also match of different and unpredictable level from the crowds perspective.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (Title Match) : Reigns won the royal rumble and challenged Brock Lesnar for the title as usual , despite of how the crowd reacted during the rumble, this should be a very good match reigns has came in WWE as the powerhouse of Shield , both of have great physic and are agile wrestler the best in the company in those factors of an wrestler and as a champion. Will the underdog powerhouse of wwe’s present reality era going to beat the beast incarnate who has also been in the attitude era and has also did the unthinkable by breaking the legendary streak of wwe’s phenom in 30th edition of wrestlemania.

Triple H vs Sting : This is an almost an dream match for attitude era fans specially Triple H has been one wrestler from the attitude era who has consistently been working with the company and also competeting in wrestlemania’s and on the otherside we have Sting who as we all know was the last man standing for WWE’s arch rivals in attitude era WCW. The important question is who is going to stand tall when the match between two legends comes to an end , will it be The king of kings or The scorpion king?

Rusev vs John Cena (US Title) : This is another interesting title match , Rusev has been dominant ever since he arrived in the WWE and he getting involved in a with the one has been 15time WWE Champion , John Cena. The fact is Cena’s first major win in Wrestlemania that got him the gold was the US title. Is Cena getting a career reboot? Shifting from major title to what’s more important by restoring the pride of america which’s been demolished lately courtesy of the Russian super athlete who has defeated every opponent who stood for America, will he get his first defeat by pinfall (not countout) in the grandest stage of all. Cena’s involvement most probably means that despite you being at a peak of your career the other title matches are as much important to shape up your career in WWE, main eventing shouldn’t matter always because only a few can have it every year repeatating that will only make things boring after every repeat.

Other important matches are :
The multi man ladder match for Intercontinental title which will include Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler , Luke Harper , Stardust , Dean Ambrose . This match will set images nostalgic images for the crowd from the time when Money in the bank was a part of Wrestlemania not a completely different PPV. It could also be the return match for Sheamus

Andre the giant battle royale , also looks interesting now since it will feature NXT superstar Hideo Itami , WWE’s Money maker and his stunt double and other tagteam divisions mostly.

Who will rise?? What are your predictions?

Possibilities from this years Wrestlemania are :

1. Rollins can cash in his Money in the bank on Roman Reigns after he wins the championship from Lesnar, only if the crowd reacts in the same way like they did on his Rumble win.

2. We may see the end of Heyman-Lesnar relationship since Lesnar is expected to turn babyface, which could only happen if heyman back stabs Lesnar and stands on Reign’s Side

3.In the multi man ladder match for intercontinental title and there could also be a guest interference from Football star Wayne Rooney , as their were rumors of Rooney and Barrett confrontation in this years Wrestlemania so he can most likely cost Barrett the match when he gets way too close to winning it.

4. The clash between Mizdow and Miz since both would be in the battle royale , the start of the feud in Wrestlemania

5. The immortal one’s involvement in the main event while backing his cousin, which could lead to Brock vs Rock for the next Wrestlemania.