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Papa Roach teases trailer of new music video for ‘Gravity’

Papa Roach just released a trailer of their new eye lashing music video of the song ‘Gravity’

The full video of “Gravity” will be released on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.


Check out Papa Roach on tour:
4/25/15-Ft. Myers, FL-Jet Blue Park (Fort Rock)
4/26/15-Jacksonville, FL-Metropolitan Park (Welcome to Rockville)
4/28/15-Huntington, NY Paramount Theatre
4/29/15-Sayreville NJ-Starland Ballroom
5/1/15-Virginia Beach, VA-Lunatic Luau
5/2/15-Charlotte, NC-Charlotte Motor Speedway (Carolina Rebellion)
5/3/15-Knoxville, TN-The International
5/5/15-Syracuse, NY-Oncenter Complex
5/9/15-Bangor, ME-Darling’s Waterfront (Rise Above This Fest)
5/16/15-Columbus, OH-Crew Stadium (Rock on the Range)
5/17/15-Traverse City, MI-Ground Zero
5/22/15-Pryor, OK-Rocklahoma
5/23/15-New Orleans, LA-House of Blues
5/24/15-San Antonio, TX-AT&T Center (River City Rockfest)
5/30/15-Kansas City, MO-Liberty Memorial Park  (Rockfest)
6/5/15-Nuremburg, DE-Rock AM Park
6/6/15-Nijmegen, NL-Forta Rock
6/7/15-Mendig, DE-Rock AM Ring
6/9/15-Hannover, DE-Rawk Attack
6/10/15-Dresden, DE-Rawk Attack
6.12/15-Warsaw, PL-Orange Warsaw Festival
6/13/15-Burgenland, AT-Nova Rock
6/14/15-Budapest, HU-Babara Negra
6/16/15-Burgas, BG-Summer Chaos Festival
6/19/15-Zurich, CH-Rock the Ring
6/21/15-Dessel, BE-Graspop Metal Meeting
6/23/15-Helsinki, FI-Circus
6/25/15-Bravalla, SE-Bravalla Festival
6/27/15-St. Petersburg, RU-A2
6/28/15-Moscow, RU-Ray Just Arena
6/30/15-Kazan, RU-Hermitage
7/1/15-Nizhniy Novgorod, RU-Premio
7/3/15-Minsk, BY-Greenfest
7/16/15-Walker, MN-Moondance Jam
7/17/15-Oshkosh, WI-Rock USA
11/16/15-Paris, FR-Olympia

Order the new album ‘F.E.A.R.’ now:


The Faceless announce new album title ‘In Becoming A Ghost’ and new members

American tech death giants The Faceless announce new album title as ‘In Becoming A Ghost’ and addition of new member who has also worked with the band for some of their best records till date.


The Faceless posted this in their Facebook page:

I am so extremely excited to announce Brandon Giffin on our new record. For those who don’t know, Brandon is the original bassist of The Faceless and played on Akeldama and Planetary Duality and then took some time off from touring, followed by touring as the sessions bassist for prog legends Cynic for several years. We formed the band together when we were in high school and I am so happy to be collaborating with him again. Brandon is like a brother to me and he’s like my musical soul mate. Brandon will be playing on the new record, which is tentatively titled “In Becoming A Ghost” and playing as many shows as possible with us. Due to life circumstances, he may not be able to always make every tour with us, but he is an official collaborator in The Faceless again and will be playing whatever shows he can with us. I couldn’t be happier about this. More exciting member announcements coming soon! -Michael Keene

Previously only Justin McKinney from The Zennith Passage was announced officially as joining The Faceless on guitar duties, while Julian Kersey of Aegaeon and Chason Westmoreland from Hate Eternal will be handling vocal and drumming duties respectively.

Here’s some footage of the new line up playing in Hammersonic 2015:

August Burns Red announce new album ‘Found In Far Away Places’ to be released in June 30, 2015

August Burns Red just announced their new album ‘Found In Far Away Places’ which releases on June 30th and pre-orders launch Monday, April 13th at 11pm ET on ! Also announced that they will be playing the main stage at Vans Wrapped tour ”15


1. The Wake
2. Martyr
3. Identity
4. Separating The Seas
5. Ghosts (feat. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember )
6. Majoring In The Minors
7. Everlasting Ending
8. Broken Promises
9. Blackwood
10. Twenty-One Grams
11. Vanguard

Deluxe Edition includes these additional tracks:
12. Marathon
13. Majoring In The Minors (Reprise)
14. Identity (Midi Version)

Nothing More release new Music Video for ‘Jenny’ which is start of a great initiative

Texas hard rock band  Nothing More released a new music video for their track  “Jenny” in an exclusive premiere with


Nothing More impacted Billboard’s rock charts with the first two singles from its 2014 self-titled album, “This Is the Time (Ballast)” and “Mr.MTV.” The songs reached No. 2 and No. 12, respectively, on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

‘Jenny’ is more than just a song its an initiative taken by Nothing More to encourage discussion about mental illness #IKnowJenny

Singer-percussionist Jonny Hawkins tells Billboard the story behind #IKnowJenny , Nothing More put together an information center about mental health and available resources on a specially created Tumblr site, which it calls “a place [for] fans to learn more about emotional health and how to find help via our partners.” Such organizations as To Write Love on Her Arms, Young Minds and The Jed Foundation are partnering with the band by sharing data from Nothing More’s Tumblr site on their own social media sites. A PledgeMusic campaign to raise money for the partner organizations (by selling band merch and tickets) is in the works, and Nothing More is also working with the public service department of the National Association of Broadcasters to get word out about the campaign.

On March 30 the band teased a clip from the “Jenny” video on its Facebook page. That date was chosen in honor of World Bipolar Day. It’s an illness that Hawkins’ sister, Jenna, has wrestled with since she was very young.

“The story of ‘Jenny’ is an ongoing struggle that my family and I are battling with,” explains Hawkins. “It continues to be one of the most confusing situations I’ve ever had to navigate in life. The topic is something that I think many of us can relate to, but not many of us talk about … We all know a ‘Jenny,’ whether it is a family member or a friend.

“It’s very tricky and very strange when people have something wrong with their brain. When someone’s in a wheelchair, everyone in the room will open the door for them and treat them differently. But if someone has something wrong with their brain, [other people] immediately just think they’re an asshole.”

Check out the video here:
Nothing More – Jenny (Music Video)

Read the full story about ‘Jenny’ here :

Between the buried and me – Memory Palace [Review]

In the modern era of music, especially progressive metal  Between the buried and me has been doing a fantastic job as of now in which most people or musicians or bands seem to struggle the most while going to the next peak of their career i.e. evolving in terms of music with each and every record.


Coming back to Memory Palace  the very first single released of Coma Ecliptic starts of where the band left last with the last record Parallax and its nicely carried with a lot of variations throughout the song, some notable mentions would be the unique style of using the synths how they play with every sequence or how they shift to a different one. Memory Palace is also going to remind you  a lot of your fav artists down the memorylane ranging from classic rock to progressive rock like Pink Floyd, Opeth, Dream Theater and the orchestral or choir style approach during the “Live in the name of the ghost” section.  Some other experimental approach can be heard too like the short rap  sections in the vocals, though  the Goodbye to Everything influence can be heard quite the most number of times out of all the variations , the groove that is maintained between all this reminds of the nu-metal times or say a little Old School experimental metal approach in it.

The single may remind you a lot of artist the influence can be clearly seen but the best thing is its all being curated under one song brilliantly sequenced and yet you find the signature BTBAM sound and style or originality maintained throughout an almost 10 Minute long song, it totally speaks of their song writing skills which seems to be growing and reaching different levels with each record and the song completely stands up to my expectation and the only thing I can say out of it is that Coma Ecliptic is going to be a massive record and shouldn’t be any short of epicness.

Check out the track here:

Pre order ‘Coma Ecliptic’ here :

Thy Art Is Murder to release album in June which is a follow up to “Hate, free of expectation and public pressure.”

Rock Sound just announced Australian deathcore metal band Thy Art Is Murder is all set to release their 3rd Album ‘Holy War’ in June 29 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album will be a follow up to Hate, free of expectation and public


Holy War will be produced by Will Putney who has previously worked with Suicide Silence and Northlane to name a few big ones.

Guitarist Andy comments “This is our war on racism, homophobia, child abuse, animal cruelty and all evil born of religious immunity, indoctrination, and ignorance.”

Wrestlemania XXXI Review and Future Predictions

Things we learned from Wrestlemania XXXI with some possible future plans from WWE’s perspective:


1. Stephanie McMachon mentioned Shane McMahon as Jr McMahon as no name difference while talking about the attitude era time, this totally fits the whole family bound wrestlemania wwe might be planning for future. Oh also Big Show a good ol associate of Shane  during the attitude era won the Andre the giant memorial battle royal on the same night.

2. Undertakers stats in Wrestlemania turns 22-1 after defeating the eater of the worlds Bray Wyatt. Remember Paul Heyman’s promo over Brock Lesnar breaking the streak ‘The one behind 21-1’ that might statement or refference might need an update while using in future, its always interesting to hear what Paul comes up next with.

3. Rise of sandow, end of mizdow! Where could be the best place to kick start a feud that the crowds been really waiting for. No doubt its Wrestlemania , the grandest stage of em all.

4. There was another feud that got a fair bit of kick off, it none other than Rock vs Triple H . The last time when this too confronted each other face to face was in a smackdown event. This could only set up another legends match in next years wrestlemania , exactly what Triple H vs Sting was in this mania.


5. R.I.P #Axelmania , he’ll be back to rybaxel thingy maybe.

6. Wrestlemania XXXI:

Big show 1 – Roman Reigns 0. Reigns vs Show in future raw main events coming soon, just wait for it!!


7. We saw Pepsi, The Rock , UFC Fighter, Vegeta & Triple H. We are sure everybody gets the picture what or whom we are missing here

8. Daniel Bryan from winning the world heavy weight champion  last year to winning the intercontinental champion this year, while  John Cena the record holding 15time WWE champion coming back to the first gold that he got his hands on when he arrived in WWE. Seems like everyone’s hitting hard on Jump, after Van Halen’s last tour announcement.

9. Triple H vs Sting , NWO and DX face off, Rock vs Triple H brawl some of few thing why this wrestlemania was shades of attitude era.


10. Rollins cashing in and saving in the money or say Reigns vs Lesnar  which we saw  some shades today of what can be a epic intense match in the future . Since the match turned triple threat in the middle of wrestlemania main event.

#RawAfterMania should be much more exciting now!!