Nothing More release new Music Video for ‘Jenny’ which is start of a great initiative

Texas hard rock band  Nothing More released a new music video for their track  “Jenny” in an exclusive premiere with


Nothing More impacted Billboard’s rock charts with the first two singles from its 2014 self-titled album, “This Is the Time (Ballast)” and “Mr.MTV.” The songs reached No. 2 and No. 12, respectively, on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

‘Jenny’ is more than just a song its an initiative taken by Nothing More to encourage discussion about mental illness #IKnowJenny

Singer-percussionist Jonny Hawkins tells Billboard the story behind #IKnowJenny , Nothing More put together an information center about mental health and available resources on a specially created Tumblr site, which it calls “a place [for] fans to learn more about emotional health and how to find help via our partners.” Such organizations as To Write Love on Her Arms, Young Minds and The Jed Foundation are partnering with the band by sharing data from Nothing More’s Tumblr site on their own social media sites. A PledgeMusic campaign to raise money for the partner organizations (by selling band merch and tickets) is in the works, and Nothing More is also working with the public service department of the National Association of Broadcasters to get word out about the campaign.

On March 30 the band teased a clip from the “Jenny” video on its Facebook page. That date was chosen in honor of World Bipolar Day. It’s an illness that Hawkins’ sister, Jenna, has wrestled with since she was very young.

“The story of ‘Jenny’ is an ongoing struggle that my family and I are battling with,” explains Hawkins. “It continues to be one of the most confusing situations I’ve ever had to navigate in life. The topic is something that I think many of us can relate to, but not many of us talk about … We all know a ‘Jenny,’ whether it is a family member or a friend.

“It’s very tricky and very strange when people have something wrong with their brain. When someone’s in a wheelchair, everyone in the room will open the door for them and treat them differently. But if someone has something wrong with their brain, [other people] immediately just think they’re an asshole.”

Check out the video here:
Nothing More – Jenny (Music Video)

Read the full story about ‘Jenny’ here :


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